Project Phases

Implementation Schedule

Schedule – Design- Environmental Documentation  2001 – 2007

Due to the anticipated costs of the project, the project was implemented in four separate construction sections. Three of the four phases have been constructed. The following is a description of each section.

Phase 1 – Relocation Housing

Construction Completed 2012

This phase consisted of a small acquisition in the mitigation area along the western side of DeRoode Street, between the Versailles Road Viaduct and Merino Street. The properties were used to construct a storm sewer line and drainage area, along with 14 rental units for the relocates (and others) of the Southend Park Neighborhood (now known as Davis Park) and the proposed boulevard.

Phase 2 – Versailles Road to Broadway

ROW 2011 – 2013, Construction 2013 – 2014, Open to Traffic 2017

This phase acquired the majority of the remaining mitigation area, including Harry Gordon Steel and the Nathanial Mission properties. Acquired property spanned from Versailles Road to Broadway. In addition to roadway construction, development of this area included commercial, institutional, and additional residential space (both rental and ownership homes), which will serve to support the mitigation goal of permanent affordable housing.

Phase 3 – Scott Street Connector

Construction TBD – Currently in Design Phase

This phase will acquire the property for the Scott Street Connector. The boulevard will be constructed from the intersection of Patterson and Newtown Extended to Limestone. This portion of the boulevard will include the construction of the bridge over Broadway as well as the new intersection at Limestone and Scott Street (New entrance for the University of Kentucky). South End Park Urban Village – now know as Davis Park –  continues to develop the remaining Phase 3 properties. Informational meetings, project team planning meetings, and other related activities will continue.

Phase 4 – Main Street to Versailles Road

Open to Traffic September 1, 2010

This component of the Project was awarded through funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. This phase acquired the property from Versailles Road to Main Street and included construction of a new bridge over the town branch, and an at grade intersection with Manchester Street.  A ribbon cutting ceremony for the opening of the road was held on Wednesday, September 8, 2010.

View a map of the phasing area (click to view)